Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writing Articles 2

I have been quite busy with writing this week. While writing is fun(if you like writing), it also requires work and careful planning. Maybe this is true in my case because i'm in the early stage of my writing?

I mentioned writing for Associated Content, well I also started as a blogger for I am discovering my writing voice and my writing style each day, by having these platforms (i.e. Associated Content,, and Bukisa)for practice.

It is quite easy getting started on You register and provide a link to your work or samples of your work. If you are selected to be a VIP blogger, you will contacted in a few days.You do not have to be an experienced blogger either. It is for new as well as, experienced bloggers.You also do not need to have a blog as you can use one of their hosted blogs. It doesn't pay a whole lot,you earn $1:00 per 100 word post daily. But, it provides good practice and it is only a 100 words per post. There is the referral side too. You get paid to refer other bloggers at $5:00 per blogger. also pays you $2:00 per 100 views you get to your blog.Here, promotion is key to getting traffic.

If you are interested in, i'd appreciate it if you chose me as your referrer. My username is "momswallet" there.

Here is the link to my first post

Time to get back to the writing board.....


  1. I write at Associated content, Helium and Demand Studios. I am thinking about trying Bukisa and hadn't even heard about I will check it out and if I sign up I will use you as my referral!

  2. Thanks Tracy. i looked at DS too but they aren't accepting international writers. i'll look at Helium too.

  3. What category did you choose when you signed up? I got rejected and I assume that's why since it's one of the 3 frequently listed reasons for rejection.

    I'm just going to try again under another email lol

  4. hmm I think my comment didn't go through, unless you moderate comments hehe

    What category did you go with for I got rejected but I think it was because of what I chose so I think I'm going to try again w/ a different email.

  5. How do you go about finding out if you're going to earn per post? At the moment all I'm seeing is the .0002 CPM information.

    There is something on the faq that says "if you are being paid" in regards to the $1/100 word daily post - but there's not really any detail anywhere.

  6. JPowell, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will look into it and contact them if necessary.


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