Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday( Why do men cheat?)

I'm sitting here with a warm cup of green tea and wishing I had a crackling fire to complete the scenario. I'm trying to figure out why men cheat? What is so attractive about being unfaithful? Is the thought of knowing they can get away with it? Or, it may be the thought of being invincible? A case in point is the recent Tiger Woods Saga. Do men cheat just for the thrill they get from it?

Tiger Woods is very successful, married to a beautiful woman, has two lovely kids, but he felt the need to put all this at risk by cheating? Can somebody come up with a good "why" or a "maybe"?

The media hasn't helped much either(do they ever?). All the speculations about divorce, prenup, and everything in between? What do you think about the role of the media in this situation? Should the media continue to hound this couple or leave them alone to deal with their marital problems in private.

What are your thoughts on all these ladies suddenly appearing from everywhere? Why are they so eager to share their stories? Why were they content to be in the shadows before now? Is being an ex-girlfriend of Tiger some sort of status symbol?

Do you think Elin should leave Tiger or stay with him? Should she forgive him and move on? Can she really forgive his "transgressions"? Do you think he'll cheat again?

Those are my thoughts this snowy, wintry, Thursday. You are welcome to share yours.


  1. I think when people get to positions of power in their lives (money, fame, etc...) they feel like they are immune from consequences and entitled to do what they want.
    Of course, I'm sure he'll say he has a 'sex addiction' and will claim it's a disease that made him do it.

  2. I agree. Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely as the saying goes.

  3. I agree. I do feel sorry for him and his family that they have to endure the events that are unfolding through the eyes of the media. However, I also feel that a public figure like Tiger and many other athletes must also abide by the ethical and moral rules that govern everyone else, especially since many of our children are the ones that look up to public figures such as Tiger. Thanks for the post, Theo. You raise some very important questions in this article.

  4. Thanks Blia. I totally agree about abiding moral ethics. Whatever happened to being a good example...?

  5. I am wondering when our black successful men will realize that as they get more and more successful, they become objects of blinding hate by some folks out there. How come these women have all their 'evidences' intact? Even the ones that go years back. Were they keepsakes? Of course not. It was all a pre-meditated plan to bring him down. Companies that are using him for their ads have started to express their intentions not to continue….
    How come all these affairs and other vices with successful black men do not involve black women? When will these people realise that a lot of people are not particularly happy with their successes and will do anything to bring them down. Look at MJ; when they could not get him through women and seeing his love for kids, they decided to attack using those poor kids. And killed him in the process. MJ died after that first accusation. It was a matter of time.
    As long as successful black men (and women) continue to ignore these writings on the wall, we will continue to have scandals like these. The easiest way to get a man is through women. It takes an exceptional man to resist a really determined sexy woman’s seduction. The best strategy is to RUN!
    Well, TW brought an ant-infested wood into his house; the lizards are here.
    And stuff like this is part of the hazards of fame and fortune. TW cannot have all that and expect to enjoy the privacy and anonymity that simple folks like us enjoy. You simple can’t your cake…

  6. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us lyd157.

    However,I do not think is a black/white thing. Bill Clinton had his Monica,no?.
    The way I see, infidelity has no colour and men should stop playing the role of the victimised when in every other area they call women the weaker sex.

  7. Hi Theody! I was just spending some time on your awesome site today reading older posts. I think both men and women cheat because they are not truly dedicated in their hearts to the relationship they are "committed to." If they were, they wouldn't disrespect it so. But Tiger is in a league of his own, I think. That's a lot of cheating in such a short period of time. He seems to be a womanizer who is trying to fill an emptiness inside with sex/passion. In fact, I think a lot of folks who cheat don't have a super great self image and they are always looking for someone to affirm or validate them by expressing romanic/sexual interest. It's too bad that we don't all deal with our own inadequecies more without doing things that ultimately hurt others too! Awesome post with lots of great questions. Thank you, Theody!!

  8. My heart is with his wife and kids. When you're in the limelight everything is magnified. It'll get quiet soon. I hope they don't divorce & I have no respect for women that cheat with another womens husband.

  9. @ Naomi, I agree with you. It shows his inadequacies. Sadly, his family has to suffer for it.

    @ Nicole, I hope they do not divorce too. Women who cheat with married men certainly have it coming back to them.


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