Thursday, October 29, 2009

When Good Love Goes Bad

Families are so important. The home is a child's first school.I know families that chose to homeschool, and their children have done exceedingly well. In the home, values are taught and personalities are often molded. The type of home a child is from can possibly make or break the child. For this reason,it is most vital that we handle our family environment with care.

However,even with the best of intentions,sometimes the family unit may breakdown for so many reasons. Where this happens, and the couple decide to seperate, it is necessary to protect the children.

I was an avid viewer of the t.v program,JON & KATE PLUS 8. My kids loved the show and for that reason, i watched with them until i really started enjoying the show myself.
So it was with shock and utter dismay that i watched and continue to watch with great sadness, this couple tear each other up for the pleasure of the media.Neither Jon nor Kate seem to care how their actions affect their kids. It is very painful to watch to say the least.

Why do they care so much what the media thinks? Why are they both granting so many interviews? What does it matter who is right or who is wrong? Who is taking care of their children? Surely,divorce must be painful enough without making a show of it for the world to see?

Reminds me of an old song by the EVERLY BROTHERS....So Sad To See Good Love Go Bad.


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  5. I agree about Jon and Kate. It is so sad that all of their stuff is public.

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  6. It is really sad.

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