Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living and loving it.

You probably know someone who is constantly on some sort of weight loss program. I know some one like that....me!

I have tried almost every diet there is on the market and i would often get fed up after a few weeks, and throw in the towel just before i had any meaningful success. I thought it was the diet program that failed me again,but it wasn't the diet,I was my own biggest obstacle.I needed to get "me" out of my way

Recently,I discovered a secret that has helped me get out of the dieting trap. My secret is Mindful Eating.

Eating mindfully,thinking about every morsel,every bite of food that goes into the mouth keeps me in check. Before,I eat anything,I think about why i am eating?,am i truly hungry? bored or just eating because it is lunch time? what am i eating?,is it healthy? Am i eating because the kids are fast asleep and "me" time must include a snack?It takes about a second to ask myself these questions,but it really helps keep me focused. You may want to try this.

My 5 healthy living tips for successful weight loss that are working for me are:

1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. This really helps flush the system.

2.Eat some break fast.Just like mom always asked you to.Eat mindfully.

3. Drink water. No matter how bland you think the taste of water may be,you owe it to your body. Don't wait until you are thirsty either to keep hydrated.

4.Exercise by incorporating exercise into your daily activities. You can park your car as far as you can from your destination and walk. While walking, gently swing your arms,you my also want to pull your tummy in( if that is a target area).If you have a gym membership,be sure to use it when you can.

5.Think of this as a life-style and not a diet.Leave the scale out of it. When you lose weight,your clothes will be the first to inform you.

Lastly, enjoy the ride.There is only one of you.

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